Sunday, January 22, 2006


Thinking of gladioli.
The flowers, like a dairy-milk chocolate, can never be too common/boring to give/receive.
Roses might overawe you. or create unwelcome impressions!
Carnations or jarbera might be a bit too heavy for the wallet., you don't see them around that frequently.
So here they are..the gladioli to the rescue. The long stems, the babyskin-soft petals, the fresh colours instantly create a comfort zone around them.
And the name 'gladiolus' makes you think of it as a very nice roman person, who's glad to be with you and vice versa.
quite simple-hearted flowers, actually. just like in the sher by Daag Dehlavi:
tum na paaoge sada-dil muJhsa
jo tagahful ko bhi hayaa jaane

"you won't find a heart
more simple than mine
who thinks you are shy
when refused to be seen"

(Why am I reminded of Mr. Collins in 'Pride and Prejudice' here? :)) )


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