Wednesday, January 11, 2006

of leaps and false

Heart just leapt upriver like salmons. Went to the happiest times I had spent reading the maraaThee translation "Dennis chyaa goShTee" of the superlatively fantastic "Adventures of Dennis" by Victor Dragunsky. A cousin of mine had been gifted that book for his 7th-8th birthday, I guess. Being four years older and much fonder of reading than he was, I thought I could claim a greater right over it. Ah the inexperienced childish notions ! The bright-yellow-covered, hardbound, over-an-inch thick book was to be Ashish's most prized possession -especially because he could see that I wanted it so badly!
(Or maybe because it had the most convenient size to be grabbed and brought down onto an elder sister's head with a most perfect thud.)

Of course the mere appearance of the book, the titles of the chapter and then the contents would have made it the most beloved book of one's collection.
There was this little boy on the front cover , wearing a helmet and a warrior-like suit and sitting on an especially good-tempered elephant which carried a bunch of colourful balloons in its trunk.
As to the contents, which I no doubt succeeded in going through after much fighting and attempts of bribery and appeal to both the supreme courts [where the judge of my nation had sympathies towards him and vice versa], here they are:

and THAT'S why I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!
My benevolent friend Kiran gave me the link to the full online text with illustrations!!!!!
She's the kindest, the bestest, the cutest pal in the world. [You mentioned something about taking us all out for dinner tonight, didn't you, Kiran?]

hmm. so after each leap, a fall is assigned. [As a one-liner goes: Damn Gravity! I voted for velcro.]
False falls of young fowls are not to be termed as fouls, are they?
So just a tiny ode.
"farewell, shy angel - my heart was never a token.
'twas a silent fortune cookie - meant to be broken."


At Thursday, April 03, 2008 1:21:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Thursday, April 03, 2008 1:37:00 AM , Blogger Gayatri said...

I cannot thank you enough, anonymous!!!


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