Monday, December 05, 2005


me1: let's check out what's happenning in Shweta's life.
me2: you need to go to her livejournal site for that? why not just call up and exchange updates?
me1: never did that unless the sim card was freshly replenished with enough green stuff. (actually not even then. Such "calling up bosom buddies" is done only when one's nearing the validity end of a recharge coupon and is pretty sure that the next coupon will outlast its validity period. (that's the biggest advantage of not having a boyfriend) - and having parents who insist that you give 'em just a 'missed call' and they'll call you back.
me2: yeah well oaaakkay. go and read it then.
me1: (heh heh.) so..she's getting fat, is she? blessings for your weight-loss ambition, shweps. count me in as one of those friends who'd NEVER call you f**.
me2: i'll have to admit that one gets to know so much more from blogs than from telephonic conversations.
me1: (grinning) told you so.
me2: and after careful analysis, I have found out the reason. A blogger writes the blog at the very moment he/she feels like doing it. It's got all the freshness of the feeling. the froth of the expresso. let's go ahead and set up our own blog..once again!
me1: raise a cup to the slackernys. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..on a blogging spree till indolence reigns.. once again.


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