Sunday, January 01, 2006


new year. like it just as I used to like the smell of a new civics textbook ;) . a truly beautiful day. slight chill. bright sun! Good morningy feeling to the whole day. didn't know that cold could be cosy.
Had a bonfire at Archana ma'am's (2 apostrophes?) house yesternight. drywood fire is beautiful. simply lovable. especially the sparks those fly off if a slight breeze comes over, or you try to shake up the logs a bit. And yesterday one log rested on the top of the others in a leisurely manner. a bluish yellow wisp of a flame draped around it like a silk cloth.I couldn't take my eyes off it.The smoke smell's so intoxicating! perfumed my hands up for a while.
Wingies are cool. do not keep mentioning things like "this is the last xyz we're doing together."
saw LOTR-1 for 10 minutes and drooped off happily - as confidently predicted by self and others.


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