Monday, January 09, 2006


Aflatoxin - that's a secondary metabolic byproduct of two fungi species: Aspergillus flavus and aspergillus paraciticus. Got into news recently for mass food-poisoning of dogs in the USoA. belongs to a class of organic compound known as difuranocoumarins. damages liver. no antidote.

whoosh. sounds Ross-like "scientific jabbering". To think that there exist people who can make stuff like that interesting to read!

Anyway.The exercise was to test one's short-term memory. Actually there's been a great deal of research going on related to Alzheimer's disease currently. Reading all those things that could lead to a memory loss and finding that I 'fit into' them quite well, I did feel a strong need to check the memory status. (Especially because I've found my name-to-face-correlation ability, miniscule to begin with, has diminished to ground zero lately. Imagine not being able to recall the holy name of Johnny Depp! Lord, what is to become of us all!)

A few years ago, 'maharashtra times' featured a weekly column by a medical doctor, Dr. Ninad Parulekar. He sure had a great sense of humour - and could display it well. He once wrote about a fellow-MBBS student of his. This guy always ended up thinking that he's infected with all the diseases they were supposed to study for that particular semster - trying to convince the other students that he had ALL the symptoms thereof: mild headaches, running nose, joint-pains, mood fluctuations blah blah. Then came one term when the others heaved a sigh of relief. It was named 'gynecology and paediatrics.' :D


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